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X-Bracket Systems

The X-Series Bracket System by Century Components is a revolutionary product, designed to provide affordable, high quality, tool-free adjustability for roll-out shelving systems. Installation is quick and easy for kitchen builders and simple to use and adjust for consumers. ADJUSTABILITY.Tool-free, post-installation adjustability allows users the flexibility to quickly and easily change their shelving configuration to adapt to their evolving needs. DURABILITY.The X-Series Bracket System’s, solid, Appalachian Maple pilasters and high strength, metal brackets have been tested to withstand 400,000+ open/close cycles with a 100-pound load without any impact on function. MARKETABILITY.The X-Series Bracket System is highly marketable because it meets the needs of today’s consumer by providing them with convenience (adjustability) and quality (durability) at a great value.

VIDEO: X-Bracket System | See it in Action

VIDEO: X-Bracket System Installation



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